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Several SELLERS have reported a SCAM which they say involves a buyer sending the seller a cashiers check for MORE than the sale price and then asking the seller to wire the EXTRA money to them or someone else.

The cashiers check eventually turns out to be PHONY but that takes time for their bank to discover and notify them of the fact that the check is a fraud (initially the banks told them the cashiers check was OK even after specifically checking) then the seller is stuck paying back their bank for the money wired to the fraudulent buyer.

The FBI reported that scams like this are common and normally involve people who want the! ir money wired to Africa.  Some are from Europe rather than Africa, they appear to claim they are from virtually anywhere except where you are.  IF any buyer offers to TRUST you to receive and then send them EXTRA MONEY .... you should ask yourself WHY they are willing to trust you with their money ... would you trust them with your money?  The reason they will trust you with their money is that it is NOT MONEY, it is just a fraudulent piece of paper.

Please be advised that this information is presented for your use AS IS.  We are not in the business of assisting our users with their transaction NOR offering them advice about conducting their transactions NOR investigating or solving crimes, we just sell advertising and we do not attempt to conduct factual verification of these reports also we do NOT express any opinion about its accuracy or reliability or completeness.  We have no way of verifying any correspondence you may receive from a potential buyer and we do not undertake to do that.  This information is simply here for your use however you see fit, and your use of it or any of our site is subject to our terms of service.

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